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Hi, it's Elyse.
Things to expect to see on my blog: Harry Potter, Disney, lots of cute animals, KKG, dinosaurs, fashion, weightlifting/fitness, and various other fandoms. Every once and a while, a personal post.

I'm a second year student in a Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program

My favorite song is "You Found Me" by the Fray
My favorite book, other than Harry Potter, is Paper Towns by John Green. Go read it.

If you like dinosaurs, or even if not,
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Margaret Howell
Autumn Winter 2014

Personal top 6.

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Yeah. This.

"grow a pear."
am I the only one stuck on this?

Now it makes since that people always say “men feel like theyre entitled to sex.” I didnt actually realized dudes seriously said shit like this. Wow.

this man needs jesus

men are legitimately terrifying. I can’t even laugh at this because it scares the shit out of me. this is straight from the script of a fucking deranged serial killer movie

The fact that he things it’s his looks is why society has failed.

And this is how so-called “good guys” are born- they’re the yandere anime stereotype (sweet and lovely until you say no and then get the fuck away from them). Then they guilt everyone else thinking it’s about their looks- no it’s about your fucking personality and your ideology that women want to sleep with you straight away (and if they don’t then it’s cause they’re ugly). SO FUCKING DONE WITH THIS RAPE CULTURE.

Nice guys don’t push for sex immediately. Those that do - run.

"Is it my looks?"

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Chris Traeger has LITERALLY changed how i hear or say literally

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"Fuck, my tea."
me approximately an hour after every time I make tea (via madopiano)

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